Athlete Information
Personal Information
Category Information
Family name CEPOI CEPOI
Given name Leonard
National Olympic Committee
MDA MDA - Republic of Moldova
Date of Birth
9 January 1999 (20)
Event List Luge Men's Singles
Club name Olympic Sport Club Liviu Cepoi
Coach Constantin-Liviu Cepoi
Debut 2010
Favourite game GTA 5
Favourite movie The Expendables
Favourite song Danial Santacruz - Lento
Hero Felix Loch
Hobbies BMX, skiing, photography
Languages spoken English, German, Romanian
Professional objectives Career in tourism
Social media Leo Cepoi
Sporting achievements 13th place at the World Cup Koenigssee, 05.12.2015, in 2011 I became Romanian Champion among children; I became National Champion among cadets in 2013.
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